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2012-12-24 06:37 pm

Merlin : MMRU Drinking Game v5.13 - immediate release

Dear fellow MMRU members,

It has been brought to our attention that version 5.10 of the drinking game has been failing in its primary requirement for the last couple of episodes.  Therefore, revised version 5.13 is issued with immediate effect.  However, it is embargoed for actual use until 20.00hrs GMT 24th December 2012. Any illegal use prior to this will be met with extreme apathy.  Pursuant to previously issued End-User-Licence-Agreement, applying the rules of the game is entirely at your own risk; the MMRU cannot be held accountable for any misuse, bodily injury or accidental tv damage resultant from its use.

  • Merlin turns 'young' again (phew!!) - 1 drink, it's a given.
  • Arthur/Merlin banter is lighthearted and inappropriate to the overall context of the episode - 1 drink.
  • Morgana defeated...permanently, by Merlin - 2 drinks, because yay! celebrating Merlin being effective at last.
  • Merlin reveals his magic to Arthur - who already knows because he's not a total idiot - 2 drinks, cos we've been waiting so long.
  • Arthur dies - 2 drinks (it's almost given, but you have to raise a glass to the character)
  • Percival dies - 1 drink.
  • Gwaine dies - 1 drink.
  • Leon dies - 1 drink.
  • Kilgarrah dies - 1 drink.
  • Aithusa dies - 1 drink.
  • Merlin cries - 1 drink.
  • Merlin doesn't kill Mordred by the end of the ep - 1 drink.
  • Anti-Magic law is repealed - 2 drinks.
  • Court of Camelot recognises Merlin...finally - 3 drinks.
  • Gwen has a bump / baby / hint of spawn, before the end of the episode - aaarrrgggg!!!!  NO!  2 drinks.
  • Gaius survives (fcuk you too, Cultbox, for wanting him dead!) - 1 drink.
  • Merlin leaves Camelot - 1 drink.
  • Merlin revives Arthur - 3 drinks (feels this is unlikely).
  • Merlin is involved in guiding Arthur on his last journey (funerary boat, Lady of the Lake, Avalon, wherever) - 2 drinks, if you can see the glass through your tear-filled eyes.
  • Final scene is the 'modern' one, we've all heard about - 1 drink....or whatever is left in your glass, depending on how pissed off you are by this point.
  • Any hint of Arwen - 2 drinks if it feels real, 1 drink if it's forced.
  • For every verbal WTF???? you utter - 2 drinks.
  • For every non-verbal WRF???? you think - 1 drink.
  • For every shout directed at the tv / computer screen in anger at J4 - 1 drink (but see previous 2 items, not to be used in conjunction).
  • For every paper tissue you've used by the end of the final credits - 1 drink each.

OK folks.  I tried to include things that covered a variety of eventualities, but in the end the list was way too long, so we're back to the <i>'most likely based on J4 determination to screw us'</i> sub-set.  That's pretty much guaranteed to get you well-oiled and see you through the heartache we're going to endure.  If anyone has any last minute additions, please send them quickly and I'll try to post before 8pm tonight.

I'll be lurking in the MerlinXArthur 513 reaction post, and I'll dump my initial reaction comments on my lj later.  For serious dissection, I'll be heading over to Tanous' lj as usual, whenever it's open for comment.

90 minutes to go before D-Day.  My nerves are completely shot...