December 19th, 2012

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So, I've just read some incontrovertable 'spoilers' for 513, from a source that is reputable and has, apparently, not be wrong in the past.  As such, I'm ditching my 'positivity' for a while, to post this.

For any of the UK viewers who have the energy or desire to lodge a complaint to the BBC after this debacle is over, here are the pertinent details : 

  • BBC Complaints phone line : 03700 100 222 (UK phone number, 24/7, charged as 01/02 geographic number. Comments are recorded).
  • BBC Complaints / Comments online : [This is an online form to complete, which directs your included comments to the 'right' department.]
  • BBC Points Of View email : [You can send emails and video'd comments here. LOL]
  • BBC Points Of View messageboard : [Actually, I wouldn't bother with this since it just seems to be a discussion thread on the episodes, rather than a place you can raise COMPLAINTS and FEEDBACK.]

The POV email and the BBC Complaints phone line are the most effective, IMHO, as they're more likely to get aired on POV, assuming a high volume of similar feedback.  As has been pointed out, the BBC take the audience log (the phone line) very seriously.  For the POV complaints, they tend to like to give a balanced argument on air, but if it's overwhelmingly negative, they can't ignore it.

I'm specifically aiming this at UK viewers, because that's who the BBC will listen to.  If the number of UK complainants are overwhelmed by International viewers, they can dismiss the comments as a 'net-based fandom reaction from a bunch of over-obsessive fangirls.

For the International viewers - I strongly suggest you contact the local in-country channel that airs Merlin wherever you are (eg SyFy in the USA), and route your complaints and comments through them.  It will carry more weight that way.

As an aside : I'm a UK television license fee payer and, for the first time ever, I seriously think I might have to give some feedback on how they've used my money so heinously.
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We're screaming towards the inevitably traumatic ending.  There are plenty of opportunities to exercise the negativity in various live journal discussions (and I'll admit I've dived in head long and with passion in the criticism / critiqueing - it's just too easy, and it's great as a pressure valve).  So I thought I should try and balance all that - just for a moment.

Let's not forget that there are reasons why we got sucked into Merlin in the first place, and why so many of us have stayed the course (no heckling from the peanut gallery, you know it's not just to see the inevitable demise...or the pretty boys).  So here's my contribution - 10 positive things I've got from Merlin, in reverse order :
Under a cut, for length of whaffle... )
I think that's likely to be the end of my positivity streak for a while, given what's coming up in the next couple of days.  
I now return you to your regular programming...and inevitable doom & gloom.  90 minutes to go...(sigh)


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